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Greenville resident Bonnie Braman and her granddaughter, Ellie Braman, 7, will have the chance to see Greenville from above during this year’s Hot Air Balloon Rally, held during Danish Festival. Braman is one of the sponsors of this year’s rally and is taking her first ever balloon ride to celebrate her 70th birthday.

Grandmother, granddaughter help sponsor Danish Festival balloon ride

Bonnie Braman doesn’t think of herself as a thrill seeker; she’s just determined to keep life interesting and shake things up from time to time. Every 10 years or so, to be exact. This predilection for excitement got a foothold in Braman’s life on her 40th birthday with a trip down a water slide, riding a small, plastic sled. Not particularly daring, some might say, but it was a big step for Braman. “It doesn’t sound like much now,” she says, “but it was higher than anything I had slid from before or since.” Ten years later, on her 50th birthday, she climbed a rock wall for the first time. On her 60th, she walked the Mackinac Bridge; again, for Braman, a first. With her 70th birthday “event” approaching, Braman started considering possible new adventures. While discussing the ideas with a few friends, she mentioned the idea of a hot air balloon ride. Braman’s 7-year-old granddaughter, Ellie Braman, over heard the conversation.
“I want to go,” she chimed in excitedly.

Gus Macker takes over the streets of Belding on Aug. 3-4. More than 350 teams will take part in this year’s 40th anniversary tournament.

Gus Macker ready for 40th anniversary celebration

It all started with a group of friends who wanted to play basketball. It evolved into Gus Macker Basketball — the original 3-on-3 tournament. Now 40 years later, Gus Macker is a community event. It’s a weekend event where family and friends still get together to play basketball for the love of the game.


Funeral Notices — Thursday, July 25, 2013

Funeral notices for Thursday, July 25, 2013

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Is it really the good old summertime for students?

For many years the tradition of nine months of school and a long summer break has been the norm in most public schools. But right now, in the middle of summer break, is a good time to ask whether this is the right thing for students.

Virginia Hawn, 90, of Sheridan, swims in Pearl Lake Tuesday, an activity she does every day for exercise as long as the weather and temperature cooperate. — Daily News/Cory Smith

At 90, Sheridan woman continues to swim daily

Virginia Hawn can remember the joyful summer days when she was just 5 years old swimming in the various lakes of Michigan with family and friends, splashing and soaking up the sun, as so many children do today. Fast forward 85 years, and you will find that the 90-year-old Sheridan resident continues to swim to this day, though maybe with less splashing, as often as she can near her residence on Pearl Lake.

loc 0724 mt VFW Helmet Fundraiser

Helmets in Lakeview raise funds for VFW causes

Somewhere around the 23rd century, B.C., some military leader, whose name has long since been lost to antiquity, realized that many of his soldiers were not coming back from battle, owing in large part to head wounds.

Family and friends gathered around a newly installed sign through the Adopt-A-Highway program in Matt Hanson’s name. Pictured are sister Megan Dohn, nephew Matt Dohn, uncle Ron Kenny, aunt Lisa Watts, uncle Max Watts, grandmother Anita Cogswell, aunt Sharee Kenny, stepfather Larry Huff, mother Mary Huff, aunt Nancy Brugger, cousin Jake Brugger, aunt Jenny Harding, cousin Erin Dulek, cousin Derek Dulek, brother-in-law Alex Dohn and military friend Josh Merry. — Courtesy photos

Fallen Marine honored by friends and family

Family and friends gathered over the weekend to honor a fallen Marine through a community service program that will leave a mark on the Greenville area. On Sunday, family and friends of Lance Cpl. Matthias “Matt” Hanson participated in an Adopt-A-Highway program in Greenville to try to make a difference in Hanson’s name.


Funeral Notices for July 24, 2013

Read The Daily News Funeral Notices for Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Carson City-Crystal Eagles run a play during Tuesday’s 7-on-7 passing camp at Legacy Field in Greenville.

CC-Crystal, Lakeview, Greenville compete in football 7-on-7

As the end of July nears, so does final summer preparation for the upcoming high school football season. On Tuesday at Legacy Field in Greenville, four teams competed in a 7-on-7 passing camp, some for the final time this summer. The host Yellow Jackets welcomed the Lakeview Wildcats, Carson City-Crystal Eagles and Fulton Pirates on a beautiful, yet windy evening.


Greenville Classic tourney partially on for weekend

The Greenville Classic softball tournament is still on — somewhat. According to Greenville Parks and Recreation Director Kris Berry, the co-ed tournament has been canceled due to lack of interest. The men’s tournament will continue.