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Meetings in Brief: Douglass Township, March 7 and April 4

Read a brief report from the March 7, 20120, and April 4, 2012, Douglass Township Board meetings.

The land being developed for a new athletic field at the Greenville Community Church is currently being leveled by Borek Digging and Snow Removal of Belding. Grass is scheduled to be placed in May. — Daily News/Kelli Ameling

Church, AYSO partner to build athletic fields open to Greenville community

A search for practice fields for a local sports organization turned into constructing a 10-acre athletic facility for the entire Greenville community to use. The American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) is teaming up with Greenville Community Church (GCC) to build an athletic facility that will include soccer fields, baseball fields, a skate park and more.


Meeting in Brief: Pine Township, March 12, 2012

Read a brief report from the March 12, 2012, Pine Township Board meeting.


Meeting in Brief: Cato Township, April 2, 2012

Read a brief report from the April 2, 2012, Cato Township Board meeting.


Meeting in Brief: Belvidere Township, April 12, 2012

Read a brief report from the April 12, 2012, Belvidere Township Board meeting.


DDA believes Detroit News article showed Greenville in negative light

The Detroit News published an article Saturday titled “Greenville Struggles To Stage Comeback.” The article by Louis Aguilar detailed how the city of Greenville has experienced hardships since Electrolux closed in 2006 and United Solar Ovonic and its parent company, Energy Conversion Devices in Auburn Hills, filed for bankruptcy in mid-February. Greenville officials would have written the article differently.


Taxi!: Chippewa Cab Co. coming to Greenville

Chippewa Cab Co. of Mount Pleasant will be bringing its business to Greenville and hiring locally. During the Greenville City Council meeting on Tuesday night, the council approved an application from Chippewa Cab for a new taxi service in Greenville.


Meeting in Brief: Crystal Township, April 11, 2012

Read the Crystal Township Board meeting minutes from April 11, 2012.

Stephen Shoen

Montcalm Community College board OKs new trustee

The Montcalm Community College (MCC) Board of Trustees recently approved the appointment of Stephen Shoen of Stanton as a new trustee. Shoen is replacing Richard Ellafrits of Greenville, who resigned in March. Shoen will fill Ellafrits’ term until November where Shoen can run for the remaining term time.


Funeral Notices for April 18, 2012

Read The Daily News Funeral Notices for Wednesday, April 18, 2012