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OUR VIEW: Incensed over ‘herbal incense’

When the Handy Market was broken into on Jan. 11, Greenville police reported energy pills and synthetic marijuana had been stolen. Synthetic what? Sold in our neighborhood? We didn’t know about this. Did you?

Kryptonite is marketed as herbal incense at local gas stations and party stores, but many teens and adults smoke the substance instead. Law enforcement officials say the product is very similar to K2 Spice, which was outlawed in Michigan in October 2010. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Kryptonite: Incense or nonsense?

The packaging is brightly colored, emblazoned with a “K” for “Kryptonite” radiating a green glow. Flavors include “Fuzzy Wuzzy,” “Juicy Fruit,” “Kottonmouf King,” “Kronik,” “Purple Haze,” “StrawVery,” “Tigers Blood” and “Water Mellow.” Prices range from $3.99 to $12.99 per gram. Each package states, “This product is not intended to be taken internally or externally by any mammal on planet earth. Not for human consumption.”

Physicians Assistant Kim Decker (left) and Nurse Karen McDonald of the West Michigan Cardiology center in Greenville show off a larger-than-scale model of the human heart.

GO RED FOR WOMEN: Heart disease is women’s worst enemy

Commonly described as the silent killer, more women die of cardiovascular disease than from the next four causes of death combined. One of the biggest contributors to that statistic is the lack of awareness of preventative measures to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, according to Physicians Assistant Kim Decker at West Michigan Cardiology in Greenville.

Lori Jones, right, owner of Morning Lori’s Diner & Bakery in Stanton, and manager Kelly Gleason stand with a few sweet specialities that are offered every day at the diner. This Thursday, Jones is creating special Hawaiian Island Luau-themed meals for her patrons to enjoy.

Morning Lori Diner & Bakery offers a taste of other cultures through food

Lori Jones, owner of Morning Lori Diner and Bakery in Stanton, is taking her customers around the world one dish at a time. Jones is always looking for ways to liven the atmosphere at her business, which is located on the ground floor of Hotel Montcalm on the corner of Main Street and Camburn Street [...]

New law firm owner Katherine Henry (in red) and Belding Mayor Ron Gunderson are surrounded by members of City Council, members of the Belding Area Chamber of Commerce and other supporters during a ribbon cutting Ceremony at Henry Law, P.C. in Belding on Thursday.  Henry Law, P.C. handles everyday legal matters for individuals and small businesses, such as bankruptcies, divorces, will drafting, real estate, landlord/tenant, collections and garnishments, business document drafting, contract review and more.

New law firm in Belding – Henry Law

With the surge of e-reader popularity over the past year, local libraries are loaning hundreds of e-books through websites for card-holding community residents. — Daily News/Jessica Beery

Carson City Public Library among libraries offering free e-books

Last year will be remembered by many as the year of the e-book. Chances are, if you didn’t purchase an electronic reader (e-reader) for yourself in 2011, you received one for Christmas or know someone who did.

Julie Stafford

JULIE STAFFORD: Today’s drugs

With news last week that actress Demi Moore suffered seizures after smoking some kind of incense-like drug, I once again realized how far out of the loop I am. I’d never heard of the drug and was blown away to discover that it’s apparently legal and sold at gas station check-out counters. It’s marketed as incense and not for human consumption, but in talking to folks this week most everyone knows you smoke it. Mind you, I’ve sometimes been accused of being very naïve. But back in the day, I think I had a pretty good handle on what was going on around me.

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Stasiak gets Meritorious Service Award

At a special ceremony in Lansing, Michigan State Police Director Col. Kriste Kibbey Etue presented Det. Sgt. Jacquelyn Stasiak of the Lakeview Post with the Meritorious Service Award for her professionalism and diligence and for going beyond what is typically expected of most law enforcement officers.

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Montcalm County ranked in state’s bottom third for health

Montcalm County ranks in the bottom third of Michigan counties for health factors that influence people’s health.

In response, the Mid-Michigan District Health Department (MMDHD) has started the Healthy Montcalm Initiativ

Bob and Ruth Hansen of Greenville were honored Thursday night by the Education Foundation of Greenville and the OUR3 campaign for their work in performing arts in Greenville. Daily News/ Cory Smith

OUR3 campaign honors Hansens for contributions to the arts

Two of the greater forces behind arts and music in the Greenville area are now the faces of the fund striving to save those types of activities in the community. The OUR3 campaign, which started three years ago, has raised more than $526,000 with an initial goal set at $1,000,000. Bob and Ruth Hansen of Greenville have been chosen to represent the fund for the next year.