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Debra Young with some of the gifts that have been donated to the Huntington Bank Giving Tree that will be distributed to area schools Dec. 17.

S.H.E. – In the giving spirit, year-around

The Christmas season is a time for gift giving and generosity. Greenville resident, Debra Young donates her time and resources at Christmas and throughout the rest of the year as an ongoing show of thanks for the kindness she was shown.


Funeral Notices – Dec. 21, 2013

Read funeral notices for Saturday, Dec. 21, 2013.

time to be kind

TIME TO BE KIND: Once on both sides of bullying, Belding student now reaches out to others

As a freshman, walking through the doors of Belding High School for the very first time, the pressures of the entire world weighed on the shoulders of Aleksandr Silva. Surrounded by hundreds of students he did not know, facing immediate intimidation from upperclassmen and hours of stressful homework, Silva was in a new, unfamiliar world and unsure of how to get a firm grasp on the pressures he was facing.

Greenville City Manager George Bosanic, far right, discusses Michigan’s Public Act 88 and a proposed partnership between the Montcalm Alliance and The Right Place, along with Rob Spohr, vice president of academic affairs at Montcalm Community College, center, and Candy Kerschen, executive director of the Greenville Chamber of Commerce.

Montcalm Alliance funding debated that it far outweighs cost of proposed millage

Backers of a proposed economic development millage spoke of the good that would come of enacting Michigan’s Public Act 88 to levy 0.1 of a mill countywide to fund a partnership between the Montcalm Alliance and The Right Place.


Funeral Notices — Friday, December 20, 2013

Funeral notices for Friday, December 20, 2013


TIME TO BE KIND: Yellow Ribbon program offers help to troubled students

There are a million places the thoughts in a teenager’s mind can go when faced with adversity, but there isn’t always a place for the teen to turn. As part of a growing and expanding Yellow Ribbon program at schools throughout Montcalm County, students and staff are working hard to offer those struggling with thoughts of self harm or suicide a place to look to.

Bree Town and her mother, Jennifer, received news this week that doctors have found a bone marrow donor. — Courtesy photo

Search for bone marrow donor finds almost perfect candidate

It’s an ideal match. After learning in November the cancer she had been in remission from the past year had returned, the hunt for a bone marrow donor for 10-year-old Bree Town was underway. The Greenville student’s elementary school, Baldwin Heights, led the search by hosting a bone marrow drive earlier this month.


Funeral Notices for Dec. 19, 2013

Read The Daily News Funeral Notices for Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013

time to be kind

TIME TO BE KIND: Adult bullying often manifests as emotional abuse

Bullying is all too common among children, whether it’s a humiliating prank, hurtful rumors or physical pain. Bullying amongst adults isn’t all that different … or uncommon.


Greenville OKs installing new airport fueling system

The Greenville City Council approved a contract Tuesday with the Michigan Department of Transportation Bureau of Aeronautics that will allow for the installing of a fuel pumping system at the Greenville Municipal Airport.