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An argument over whether the slopes on the property of 10786 S. Greenville Road were considered a gravel pit arose during Monday’s Eureka Township Board meeting resulting in the board overturning a citation issued to William and Jacquelyn Harris until the township can prove whether it was a mine.

Eureka Township overturns resident’s citation for illegal mine; awaits proof

The Eureka Township Board overturned a citation issued by its zoning administrator regarding an illegal inactive mine after residents approached the board, stating they would lose everything in order to meet the requirements.


Funeral Notices for Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Funeral notices for Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Student asks Eureka Township Board for apology

After the Eureka Township board held a “closed session” to discuss concerns over a non-discrimination ordinance last month, a Greenville resident asked for an apology and for the board to move forward with his request for the ordinance.


Lakeview school board hears bullying report

Bullying has become a hot button topic within most public and private school systems in recent years, and Lakeview’s schools are no exception. Even the best schools have their share of bullying, both on and off campus. At Monday evening’s school board meeting, board members heard this year’s report on bullying from Superintendent Kyle Hamlin. All schools in the state are now required by law to keep track of bullying incidents and report them annually to their respective boards.

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Edmore Village Council offers manager job to Midland man

The village of Edmore has a new manager, pending contract approval. The Edmore Village Council voted 7-0 on Monday night to hire Neil Rankin, 37, of Midland. Rankin is currently a substitute teacher for Professional Services Group in Midland. He earned his master’s degree in public administration with a focus on local government from Western Michigan University last year. He previously earned his bachelor’s degree in recreation from WMU in 2000.

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‘Who would do such a thing?’ Community mourns loss of bridge

For one resident, it was the memories she had of her father that brought her to tears when seeing the blackened, charcoaled wood resting in the Flat River. On Monday, Wendy Agostini of Lowell had to see for herself what was left of Whites Bridge after an arson left it collapsed on Sunday. “It hurts my heart,” she said, grabbing her heart while tears came to her eyes. “This hurts so bad.”


Housing First grant deadline is Friday for local agencies

The Ionia/Montcalm Continuum of Care will be awarded an allocation by the Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) through the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program.


Funeral Notices – July 9, 2013

Read the funeral notices for Tuesday, July 9, 2013.

Ryan Bennett, 24, of Howard City, was sentenced on June 27 for the death of Scott Gregory, 25, of Howard City, last summer. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

ON THE RECORD: Fatal accident sentence handed down amid ‘extenuating circumstances’

It was just another Thursday night in a small town Two young men who had attended high school together happened to visit the local bar at the same time. They shared a conversation before going their separate ways. In the early morning hours of Friday, one man was dead in the middle of the road just a few blocks away from the bar. The other man would take the blame for the death, but the facts of what really happened that summer night will likely never be known.

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SMASHING START: Disc golf park opens in Belding

Deep in the woods at Lightning Bend Park, there is little to listen to but the quiet whispers of mother nature. Be it the wind whistling through the leaves or birds chirping high above in the trees overhead, it’s easy to be at peace when spending time in the heavily wooded city park. But now, on occasion, a new, unfamiliar, but welcome sound may be heard.