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Members of the Adults with Disabilities Association enjoy participating in the bowling league the association offers. Dana Cozart, left, and Jennifer Sevela prepare to roll their bowling balls down the lane. — Daily News/Kelli Ameling

Adults with Disabilities Association and Bowling League marks 5 years

A group that was developed to support adults with disabilities is celebrating its five-year anniversary. Parents with disabled adult children who wanted to provide social activities for the adults to help develop social skills and promote independence developed the Adults with Disabilities Association and Bowling League.


Changes in store for Montcalm Township Fire Department

The Montcalm Township Fire Department will have some minor changes coming its way. During the regular scheduled Montcalm Township meeting on Wednesday, the board approved new equipment and personnel changes to the fire department. The board approved a Ventis MX4 Carbon Monoxide detector that detects up to four gases.

Embattled Pierson Village Council President Karl Van Haren presided over an argumentative meeting Tuesday night. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

VIDEO: Tensions run high among Pierson village officials

Bill Fifield criticized a Pierson Village Council member on Tuesday night for previously walking out in the middle of a meeting. Minutes later, Fifield did that very thing. A two-and-a-half-hour village council meeting slowly unfolded Tuesday night, full of long pauses, passive-aggressive arguing and flat-out shouting.


Funeral Notices for Jan. 13, 2012

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OUR VIEW: Michigan back in the automotive limelight

The fortunes of an area and its neighborhood can turn on how you handle the big things.

Jim Stockton

JIM STOCKTON: What took so long, your honor?

My dog was ecstatic because Mutt Romney won the Iowa “carcass.” Being both a dog and a carnivore, it is understandable that he misinterpreted the name and mispronounced the last word. The latter is correctly rendered “crocus,” the flower of victory that Romney tucked into his lapel and carried it to far away New Hampshire. As high as Mount Utah and as buoyant as the Great Salt Lake, he strode into New Confrontation humming “The Unsinkable Molly Brown.” At least, that’s what I’m given to understand.

Greenville resident Brandon Jones shows a piece of ice he has chiseled from Baldwin Lake about 40 feet from the shoreline — Daily New/Cory Smith.

PHOTOS: Michigan ice fishing ‘just not safe’

After a few quick strikes to the ice on Baldwin Lake with his chisel Tuesday, avid ice fisherman Brandon Jones penetrated through the frozen surface into the water below without much effort. “That’s not safe,” Jones said staring down at the hole he had made in the thin sheet of ice. “And it’s not fair. This is January and it’s still not safe to be out here ice fishing.”

Author Pamela Bush shows off her first novel, “Out of the Whirlwind.” — Courtesy photo

Pamela Bush will have book signing at Robbin’s Booklist

Local author Pamela Bush is signing copies of her third novel on Saturday. The event is from 10 a.m. to noon Saturday at Robbin’s Booklist in Greenville.


Police investigate break-in at Greenville’s Handy Market

Police are seeking a suspect in a break-in Tuesday evening at the Handy Market in Greenville. A customer found the glass front door smashed Wednesday morning. Interim Greenville Public Safety Director Gary Valentine said a rock was thrown through the door of the store.


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