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Julie Stafford

JULIE STAFFORD: A matter of choice

It seems like such a basic concept, the notion that you have a choice in almost everything about how you live your life. Whether you exercise today or don’t, whether you eat that cookie or refrain, whether you allow someone’s comment to bother you or let it go.

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VIDEO: A Tribute to Black Field

Check out this nearly 19-minute video production on Greenville’s historic Black Field. Daily News staff writer Cory Smith filmed 2011 Greenville High School football games, interviewed local subjects with ties to Black Field and used dozens of historic photos as a backdrop to this presentation.

Friends and family of Helen Peer watched in tears on Tuesday as Peer was lifted from her grave in East Montcalm Cemetery to be placed in the right plot five rows away. — Daily News/Kelli Ameling

Montcalm Township cemetery dispute resolved

Helen Peer’s surviving children have reached an agreement with Montcalm Township to move her body without taking a months-long dispute to court. Peer’s family and friends watched in tears Tuesday as Montcalm Township officials unearthed Peer’s vault and casket. Both were moved to a grave five rows away in East Montcalm Cemetery, where Peer was supposed to get buried 14 years ago.

Stanton attorney Scott Millard found himself in jail last week while representing a client in Ottawa County. Judge Kenneth Post sent Millard to jail for invoking his client’s right to the Fifth Amendment. — Daily News/Elisabeth Waldon

Stanton attorney thrown in jail by Ottawa County judge

A local attorney fresh off passing his bar exam was thrown into jail by a judge for invoking his client’s right to the Fifth Amendment. Scott Millard, 29, is the newest attorney at Miel & Carr in downtown Stanton, where he works alongside Joshua Blanchard, Keeley Heath and Duane Carr.

The gully: The site of Black Field was a deep gully in 1880. The Union School building looms in the foreground.

From a deep ravine to home of the Yellow Jackets

Greenville’s Black Field, site of many football games over the past 90-plus years, once was just a deep ravine. “Years ago what is now known as the Black Athletic Field was simply a gully left as the result of glacial action and was used for no purpose at all,” according to a paper by Wyman Bock in the archives of the Flat River Historical Society.

Dr. Duncan K. Black

Dr. Black’s interest in young people led to creation of field

Duncan K. Black was born March 8, 1861, in Belmont, Ontario. He received his medical training at the Michigan College of Medicine in Detroit, graduating in 1886, and later completed a post-graduate course at the New York School of Medicine.

HARD HITS AT BLACK FIELD: Scenes from Greenville vs. Belding in 2002.

Classic stadium a fitting backdrop to Greenville-Belding games

The Greenville Yellow Jackets have been playing football on Judd Street at Black Field since 1916. The Yellow Jackets have been playing football against the Belding Redskins since 1900. Obviously, the Yellow Jackets have played the most games at Black Field. Unofficially, the Redskins have played the second most games at Black Field. How could they not have with the length of this rivalry?

The Greenville Yellow Jackets take the field in 2007.

Greenville players ‘earned passage’ to play at Black Field

When Carl Blumburg played football for Greenville High School on Black Field in the mid 1950s, there wasn’t much else to compare the field to throughout the state of Michigan. He remembers a field that offered a certain closeness to the fans that couldn’t be matched anywhere else.

lights out at black field: Greenville’s marching band performs its signature halftime show.

When the lights go out, the band begins to play

Black Field has been a home to countless traditions over the years. Old ones have faded away as new ones have been introduced. Since 1975 there’s been a special moment each football season when fans have held their breath and let out a yell in excitement as the field fell into an absolute darkness.

Cory Smith

CORY SMITH: How Black Field ‘revived’ football in Greenville

Black Field has been home to football in Greenville for as long as anyone can remember. Countless games have been played on its surface in nearly all kinds of whether conditions. Yet it has stood an incredible test of time, offering a field on which to play the game of football since the first quarter of the 20th century.