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Funeral Notices – Dec. 30, 2013

Read the funeral notices for Monday, Dec. 30, 2013.


Sports Writer Chip Burch names the top 10 national sports stories of 2013

Attempts by professional sports to rid themselves of performance-enhancing drugs proved futile in 2013, as two different sports were rocked by athletes who were lined to PEDs. That’s why my list of the top 10 national sports stories are led by two prominent stories about illegal drug use in sports.


YEAR IN REVIEW: Top Daily News sports stories of 2013 (No. 4-10)

As 2013 comes to a close, The Daily News is taking a look back at the top 10 local sports stories of the year. We will count down from 10 to four today and reveal the top three local sports stories of the year on Tuesday.


Sports Writer Chip Burch names the top 10 Michigan sports stories of 2013

At the end of every year I bring you the top 10 Michigan sports stories. This list will be a little Tigers-heavy, because the Tigers made more news than anyone else in the state.

Sobering Situation

SOBERING SITUATION: Drug Free Montcalm now YOUTHINK Montcalm

The past year has been full of changes for a local community substance abuse prevention coalition — including a new name and a new coordinator. The group formerly known as Drug Free Montcalm now bears the moniker YOUTHINK Montcalm, a play on words with a focus on local youth. The coalition is a branch of Cherry Street Health Services.


Funeral Notices – Dec. 28, 2013

Read the funeral notices for Saturday, Dec. 28, 2013.

Sobering Situation

SOBERING SITUATION: Drug use in Montcalm County spans generations

Bob was introduced to the drug culture at age 11; the person making that introduction was his father, a hardcore alcoholic and marijuana user. A typical Friday night saw Bob’s rural Montcalm County home filled with his father’s friends — his mother had left years earlier — playing cards, drinking, smoking pot. Many of them would still be there Saturday morning, passed out on the sofa or living room floor. When they came to, Bob says, the party would start again.

Sobering Situation

SOBERING SITUATION: Drugs and alcohol far too easy for young people to find

Fifteen-year-old Heidi had no idea what it was when her mother opened her palm and told the teenager to “try this.” But as the drug reached her bloodstream, she didn’t really care what it was.


Funeral Notices for Dec. 27, 2013

Read The Daily News Funeral Notices for Friday, Dec. 27, 2013

First runner up Emily Webster, left, and 2014 Michigan Apple Queen, Elizabeth Wittenbach. — Courtesy photo

Belding woman crowned Michigan Apple Queen

BELDING — Elizabeth Wittenbach of Belding has grown up as part of the apple industry. Her grandparents, Ed and Linda Wittenbach, and her parents, Mike and Marnie, are growers at Wittenbach Orchards on 225 acres in Belding that began as a dairy farm. Elizabeth, 19, will now represent both the apple industry and her family’s [...]