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Parables, paradigms and the brand

For want of a nail the shoe was lost. For want of a shoe the horse was lost. For want of a horse the rider was lost, until the battle and the kingdom were lost. That is a parable about how seemingly isolated matters can develop into big consequences. But the consequences become much worse when those warnings are continually ignored.


OUR VIEW: Double dipping needs to stop

Dick Posthumus, who serves as Gov. Rick Snyder’s top legislative lobbyist, earns a nice $170,000 annual salary. U.S. Sen. Debbie Stabenow and Congressman Tim Walberg both collect a tidy $174,000 annual salary like the rest of their rank-and-file congressional colleagues.


OUR VIEW: Transit initiative not ready for prime time

There’s no doubt Montcalm County needs a transportation system. We’re all aware of the economic difficulties our community has faced over the past decade.


OUR VIEW: Vote yes on Montcalm Township recall

Three years ago, Montcalm Township voters elected the “Team for Change” to repair fractured relationships on the township board and end years of discord. The “Team for Change” has proved to be anything but.


OUR VIEW: It takes a community to name a stadium

High school football is part of what makes America great. The fields sit quiet and the bleachers sit empty most of the year. But for nine Friday evenings (or hopefully longer if your favorite team makes the playoffs) the stadiums come alive with a chorus of community spirit virtually unmatched.


OUR VIEW: One Book One County struck a chord

Autism cases and awareness of the neurological disorder are on the rise locally. Little is known about its cause or effective treatments, but families and individuals no longer are suffering in silence.


OUR VIEW: Economic unrest could hit us locally

Could the occupiers of Wall Street come to Lafayette Street in Greenville? Could the riots in the streets of Athens come to the streets of Montcalm and Ionia counties?

Danielle with her parents, Mike and Tracy Riley.

Montabella cheerleader overcomes adversity, leads by example

S-P-I-R-I-T, spirit! She’s got spirit! Sixteen-year-old Danielle Riley, a junior varsity cheerleader at Montabella High School, has taken the meaning of spirit to a new level. This spirit carried her through more than a dozen major surgeries, three scopes and 12 dilations of her esophagus, eight cardiac catheterizations, six barium swallows, six bouts with pneumonia, [...]

A view across the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson at the Carrier Classic in San Diego between Michigan State and North Carolina on Nov. 11. The game was played in honor of Veterans Day.

A game, chance of a lifetime

On Nov. 11 the Michigan State Spartans and North Carolina Tar Heels opened the men’s college basketball season in San Diego. This game, though, was different. It was special and held far more meaning than the typical regular season or even postseason game for that matter.

Kurt Hartman shot this 7-point buck on opening day at 7:45 a.m. in Otisco Township with a 12-gauge Remington.

Hunters bringing in the bucks so far

The start of the firearm deer season has been good for area hunters so far, according to the Michigan Department of Natural Resources (DNR). The first day of the season saw an average number of deer being brought to the check station in Belding, said DNR wildlife biologist John Niewoonder.