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Belding moves on at volleyball district

Belding’s volleyball team had one lull in its district volleyball match against Sparta Monday night, but one lull only. The rest was all Redskins, as they beat the Spartans 25-18, 20-25, 25-10, 25-18 in the first round of the Class B district tournament.

Tom Coverly, illusionist and motivational speaker, told Greenville High School students his life-changing story to convince them they don’t have to fall into the illusions of life. He told the students to be real and be themselves.

Motivational speaker: Don’t fall into the illusions of life

Tom Coverly uses his life story and illusions to motivate students to be themselves and not fall for life’s illusions. On Wednesday, Coverly gave a presentation at Greenville High School, where he used illusions and told his life-changing story to impact the students.

Lions Club volunteers help at last year’s food giveaway.

Edmore groups gearing up for 10,000-pound food giveaway

Hunger is no longer a foreign concern. Service group volunteers from the Edmore Lions Club and Christian Endeavor Youth Group recognize that people in the community are struggling to put food on the table. This is the second year these groups have joined forces to combat hunger.


OUR VIEW: Crime doesn’t show we’ve lost our way

Desperate times call for desperate measures. For many people around us this year, those desperate measures result from bad decisions — measures that endanger the public and victimize scores of innocent people.

Daily News/Cory Smith Illustrator Tom Woodruff, who was the special guest at this year's Deaf Pride Day at Montcalm Community College, instructs students Friday on certain drawing techniques while giving a demonstration.

Students communicate through another silent language (art)

To most people, an hour-long lecture on how to draw illustrations may not sound very appealing, but for about 75 deaf and hard of hearing students Friday, it was an hour of learning to communicate through yet another silent language.

Courtesy photos Ionia High School student Jarrod Blundy played Taps as everyone reflected on the sacrifices of our men and women in the armed services.  The eagle on the wall was created by fourth grade students and donated to the Belding VFW post and another was donated to the Sheridan post.

Threshold Academy loves our veterans

Threshold Academy celebrated Veterans Day on Nov. 11 to show its love and support to our Veterans.


CM schools stuck with large classes

Central Montcalm Public School administrators aren’t happy with having more than 30 pupils in each second-grade classroom, but they say their hands are tied. Sheridan resident Jeremy Hopkins expressed his concerns about the situation in kindergarten, which also started the year with more than 30 pupils in each class, and second grade.


“Freak the Mighty” a formidable team

Others kids pick on Max, calling him big, stupid and slow. Max learned how to be alone.
One day, Kevin came along. People called him Freak. The two teamed up to become “Freak the Mighty.” “We read through the book in class and the kids really liked it. When I looked into it, I learned the author offered it as a script for free,” said Shannon Powell, director and drama club instructor. “It is a difficult story to do as a play, but the kids have done very well with it.”


Belding man Tasered at party

A 20-year-old Belding man was Tasered by police Saturday after allegedly resisting arrest at a party.

Daily news/Kelli Ameling  Third-grade pupils tested their skills to see what is needed to make a wind turbine. First they used a blow dryer, then moved on to a box fan. The pupils were working to produce energy to make a music box play.

Children learn about conserving energy

Consumers Energy is teaming up with schools to teach younger pupils how to save energy. On Wednesday, Greenville third-graders received a presentation on how they can be more energy efficient. The program encouraged teachers and pupils to think about energy, talk about energy use and think about energy needs in the future.