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CM schools stuck with large classes

Central Montcalm Public School administrators aren’t happy with having more than 30 pupils in each second-grade classroom, but they say their hands are tied. Sheridan resident Jeremy Hopkins expressed his concerns about the situation in kindergarten, which also started the year with more than 30 pupils in each class, and second grade.


“Freak the Mighty” a formidable team

Others kids pick on Max, calling him big, stupid and slow. Max learned how to be alone.
One day, Kevin came along. People called him Freak. The two teamed up to become “Freak the Mighty.” “We read through the book in class and the kids really liked it. When I looked into it, I learned the author offered it as a script for free,” said Shannon Powell, director and drama club instructor. “It is a difficult story to do as a play, but the kids have done very well with it.”


Belding man Tasered at party

A 20-year-old Belding man was Tasered by police Saturday after allegedly resisting arrest at a party.

Daily news/Kelli Ameling  Third-grade pupils tested their skills to see what is needed to make a wind turbine. First they used a blow dryer, then moved on to a box fan. The pupils were working to produce energy to make a music box play.

Children learn about conserving energy

Consumers Energy is teaming up with schools to teach younger pupils how to save energy. On Wednesday, Greenville third-graders received a presentation on how they can be more energy efficient. The program encouraged teachers and pupils to think about energy, talk about energy use and think about energy needs in the future.

Daily News/Kelli Ameling  Greenville High School students, from left, Mara Allen, Linsey Christensen, Lena Jenson, Katie Schofield and Taylor Sirard showed off the “person” they made for ArtPrize. Rachel Haines is not pictured.

ArtPrize artist donates project back to Greenville students

GREENVILLE — Greenville High School students teamed up with ArtPrize artist Corey Van Duinen to help develop a project for the 2011 contest.


Shooting motive still unknown

GREENVILLE — Police have not yet released any information about a possible motive or whether the shooter knew the victim of Saturday’s violent outburst in Greenville.


Nov. 17

Friday Doylen Albring Sr. — 11 a.m., Rock Lake Bible Methodist Church, Rock Lake. (Brigham Funeral Chapel, Edmore) Jean Johnson Rybicki Benik — 2 p.m., Hurst Funeral Home, Greenville. Sally Brennan — 10 a.m., Lux and Schnepp Funeral Home, Carson City. Sharilyn “Goodell” Parrish — 1 p.m., Lux and Schnepp Funeral Home, Carson City. Frank [...]

Construction on the new high school auditorium is progressing on schedule.

Belding schools to close Administration Building

More than $1 million that had been slated for upgrades at the Belding Area Schools Administration Building are being redistributed to other buildings. The Administration Building (previously known as Orchard Hills Elementary School) will not see heating and ventilation upgrades that had been planned. The building will close in two years to save construction and operational costs.


Greenville approves another fundraiser on trail

The Greenville City Council approved the To: Africa From: U.S. fundraiser in hopes of bringing new people to Greenville. To: Africa From: U.S. is based in Cedar Springs and will raise money for improving education, sanitary needs and medical needs for Africa.

Chester Bodman

Court denies Belding man’s appeal

A Belding man won’t get a new trial after a wild night of crime in 2009 involving a head-on accident and sexual assault. The Michigan Court of Appeals issued a ruling last week that upholds the conviction against Chester Raymond Bodman.