Newspapers In Education

Newspapers In Education

What Teachers Are Saying About Newspaper In Education

“I feel it is very beneficial for students to see their parents and the school staff reading the newspaper. It re-enforces the importance of reading in everyday life.” Janet Williams – Crystal Elementary

“I want you to know how much I appreciate you allowing us to have the paper. It really makes kids more aware of what is happening in their community.” Dallas Bell – Greenville High School

“This newspaper engages our students with their community.” Deb Morgan-Konen – Seiter Center Greenville

“Thank you! Some students never see a newspaper at home.” Kristen Coston – Central Montcalm High School

“Makes for some great conversations and public speaking. It’s wonderful!” Tammy Steere

  • Lincoln Heights Elementary
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  • Carson City/Crystal Schools
  • Central Montcalm Schools
  • Greenville Schools
  • Lakeview Schools
  • Montabella Schools
  • Tri County Schools
  • Vestaburg Schools
  • Palo Schools
  • Grattan Academy Schools

Newspapers In Education (NIE) is a non profit organization that delivers newspapers to local classrooms at no cost to the schools. Newspapers help students to improve their reading and writing skills while learning about the world around them. They are also able to access information that may be to recent to be found in a textbook.

NIE also offers supplemental teaching tools such as short stories, games, lesson plans and much more. Check out our teacher resource section for more.

For questions or comments please contact:
Amanda Truax – NIE Coordinator
Email – Amanda Truax
Phone – 616-754-1065

Teacher Resources

Along with the newspapers NIE would like to provide the following links to help our teachers in the classroom. Please use the links and teaching tools provided at your convenience.
NIE Institute This link is provided by The Daily News and has curriculum for any grade.

Thinkfinity This link is provided by Verizon and has curriculum for any grade.

World of Fish A Hot Topics newspaper supplement.

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