How does NIE work

About 900 newspaper companies provide newspapers to schools in their local areas. This means there are 900different NIE programs, because there are at least as many ways for an NIE program to operate as there are combinations of newspapers and communities. In its most elemental form, and NIE program is one in which newspapers are distributed to schools or other institutions that conduct educational programs. At this basic level, an NIE program may involve nothing more than the weekday delivery of newspapers to a school. At the most active level, an NIE program engages several newspaper staff members; a well-defined package of products and services, including extensive teacher training; and activities all year long.

A well-developed program often includes literacy efforts and other programs that earn a reputation for the newspaper as an active and well-respected player in the communities educational program.

With the immediate gratification provided through todays media and entertainment industry, students and parents have lost the ability to utilize critical thinking, reading and communication skills. NIE is designed to make reading and newspapers a fun and profitable learning experience; the key being fun. Source: Andrea Farage, NIE Coordinator NAA and the Pensacola News Journal in Education, Pensacola, Fl.