OUR VIEW: Greenville, don’t forget to write in your vote Tuesday

Tuesday’s ballot may be a blank one in Greenville, but that doesn’t mean it’s not an important election.

Two four-year terms are open on the Greenville City Council. Although four candidates are campaigning for the job, they are all running as write-ins, meaning their name will not appear on the ballot unless a voter writes it.

Rep. John Moolenaar

REP. MOOLENAAR: Constituent’s idea becomes tax relief bill

As a lifelong Michigan resident and your representative in Congress, I believe the best solutions to our nation’s problems come not from Washington, but from individuals and groups right here in the Fourth Congressional District and around the country.

Earlier this year, one constituent had just such an idea.

Mitchell Snyder.

PERSONALLY SPEAKING: In memory of Mitchell

He should be in class right now, prepping for that upcoming biology test, texting his girlfriend about lunch plans, talking to his teammates about the football team’s recent homecoming win.

Instead, he’s being prepared for his burial.

Guest View | Nathaniel Johnson

GUEST VIEW: Helping a loved one with cancer

“I didn’t know what to say so I just pulled away.” Has that ever been your response when a friend tells you she has cancer?

Guest View | David Hodges

GUEST VIEW: Commissioner won’t apologize for beliefs

I’ve lived in Ionia County for more than 50 years and have been blessed many times over, with the privilege of service.

Rep. John Moolenaar

GUEST VIEW: Agricultural highlights from Congress

It is harvest time and Michigan farmers have had a challenging growing season. As the leaves turn colors and families head out to cider mills, here are the highlights of the year so far in Michigan agriculture and the bills I have voted for to help our farming families prosper.


OUR VIEW: Accountability in Hubbardston

The Daily News sent a reporter to cover a Hubbardston Village Council meeting on Sept. 8, and people are still talking about it.


OUR VIEW: Downtown accident a somber lesson

Our community had a tragic reminder this week of how important it is for motorists to pay attention to their surroundings and for pedestrians to take a few extra minutes to be certain motorists are aware they are there.


SHORT TAKES: 75 years strong at Federal-Mogul

On Saturday, this paper featured a story highlighting the 75th anniversary of Federal-Mogul, a local manufacturing company that produces engine and transmission parts and is a Q1 supplier to Ford Motor Company.


OUR VIEW: Are schools truly a weapons-free zone?

Did you know anyone with a concealed pistol license can walk into a school or sporting event open carrying a pistol at their side? Some local officials only recently became aware of this, including school board members at Carson City-Crystal Area Schools and Central Montcalm Public School