SHORT TAKES: Bill Delp takes us back to where we’ve been

Do you know Bill Delp? If you don’t, that is to your disadvantage. If you live in this area, and have feelings about where the community is going, and how we might move ahead, you might want to know more of where we’ve been. These days, it helps to have guidance from the writings from those who know from whom and from where we once were…. and Delp knows that stuff.

Guest View | Lou Kitchenmaster

GUEST VIEW: Support auto insurance reform; end ‘unlimited’

In 1978, as part of no-fault insurance reform, the Michigan Legislature formed and instituted the Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association, and has direct responsibility. The rationale was to establish a fund which would pay for serious medical injuries which exceeded a certain dollar amount. To properly finance it, a $3 fee (tax) was assessed per vehicle, with ”unlimited” personal-injury benefits for qualified claimants.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Vote to assure all students the necessary education

Almost 25 years ago a group of educators, parents and other community members spent considerable time developing a mission statement for Greenville Public Schools. The six most important words in the final document, in my opinion, are “assure all students the education necessary.” Those words continue to challenge our school staff every day.

Guest View | Charles Hill

GUEST VIEW: Access to info should be a common goal

If you’ve been watching what goes on in Washington and some statehouses across the country, you might wonder if there’s any issue that everyone should be able to agree on whether they are conservative or liberal or libertarian, Democrat or Republican, pro-this or anti-that.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

Spring surely must be on its way

I love winter. Seriously, I do. I love the white snow when it blankets the ground. I just wish it would stay off the sidewalks and streets. I love the crisp air — at least until I get my heating bill. I am sincerely happy for those who make their living operating ski lifts and other outside venue. They have had some lean years recently.


OUR VIEW: Michigan’s no-fault insurance needs reform

Michigan indisputably has the most generous auto insurance system in the nation.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: How do businesses feel about the education of job applicants?

Last week in this column, I discussed what we could learn from Olympic athletes about dedication and self motivation. Before it was even printed, I read a column by Thomas Friedman titled “How to Get a Job at Google.” There were several points that were made that I felt paralleled those made about Olympic athletes.


SHORT TAKES: Winter hits budgets, infrastructure hard

This year’s winter wonderland is causing municipal governments all across Michigan to wonder if or when Mother Nature’s assault on their operations will subside.


OUR VIEW: Location key to pavilion success

Location, location, location … that’s what it’s all about in the retail business.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: What can we learn about education from Olympians?

For the past couple of weeks many of us have been enjoying watching the Winter Olympics. Whatever your feeling about these games, there is one point on which I think we can all agree. The athletes who have participated have been single minded in their effort to qualify to participate. They have prepared and trained with a focus on their goal and in the end, whether they received a medal or not, the results of their determination were obvious. Their accomplishments were stunning.