Jim Lower

GUEST VIEW: Why I’m voting for Trump

I’ve watched all the debates, followed all the news and I have talked to thousands of voters in my capacity as a candidate for state representative. What I have learned is this election is really about putting America first.


OUR VIEW: Help for addiction is available

Local stories both tragic and hopeful were shared in Greenville on Saturday during a Prescription Drug Abuse & Prevention Symposium.

The event was hosted by YOUTHINK Montcalm, the Montcalm Care Network, Cherry Health, Sheridan Community Hospital and the Mid-Michigan District Health Department.


SHORT TAKES: Elections, on-air sports talent and cancer awareness

This year’s election season has felt like an eternity, but the general election is just one month away.

Are you registered to vote? You have until Oct. 11 to do so, either by visiting your city or township clerk’s office, your county clerk’s office, a Michigan Secretary of State branch or at michigan.gov online.


OUR VIEW: FOIA reform is good for everyone

Last week, a series of bills aimed at improving Michigan’s Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) moved forward in the House.

We were pleased to see Rep. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, voted in favor of all FOIA reform proposals.

Judge Donald Hemingsen

GUEST VIEW: Montcalm County commissioners are playing politics

This letter is prompted by my receipt of letters from the Montcalm County controller(-administrator Robert Clingenpeel) to court employees who have been terminated or had their hours reduced.

The letters claim that these terminations are “absolutely the final option available to the board.” I believe this to be false.


PERSONALLY SPEAKING: A legacy of local news

Today would have been my dad’s 79th birthday. And while he’s not here to enjoy all the things like cards and presents and my mom’s homemade cheesecake to mark his special day, he is still very much celebrated.

Often I find myself sitting in front of my computer at the paper trying to channel him, looking for guidance on a particular decision or wondering what he would do if he was walking in my shoes on any given day. Mostly I wonder what he would think about the way the world has changed today — particularly the world of news. And what he would want me to do in response to those changes.


OUR VIEW: Montcalm County commissioners must make amends

How do you sit in front of a roomful of constituents and employees detailing a plan that will cut $1.7 million from the county budget and the equivalent of 22.5 full-time positions without shouldering any of the burden?

This is our question to the nine elected officials who comprise the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners.

James Freed

GUEST VIEW: Pension and healthcare liabilities

It’s time for Lansing’s policymakers to take action on unfunded pension and healthcare liabilities—a new red-ink menace that threatens to swamp Michigan’s municipal budgets, overtaking critical taxpayer-funded services such as public safety.

Julie Stafford is pictured with her daughter, Emma, a cancer survivor. — Courtesy photo

GUEST VIEW: Go gold in September for Childhood Cancer Awareness

“Your child has cancer.”

These are the words no parent ever wants to hear.

But every day, the families of at least 43 children around the world will hear just that.


OUR VIEW: Montcalm County’s $9 million question

How do you spend almost $9 million of taxpayer money and not know it?

The Montcalm County Board of Commissioners is collectively asking themselves this question — and so are we — after a financial consultant report revealed the county spent an average of $2 million or more in savings each year for the last four years.