WALDON’S PONDERINGS: Popular sheriff weds popular girl in Montcalm County

The Montcalm County sheriff wed a “popular” young woman from Stanton one century ago, as was reported on the front page of the Greenville Independent in a rather breathless article.

“Society circles at the County Seat were given a pleasant surprise Tuesday morning when Miss Ella L. Palmer, daughter of attorney and Mrs. L.C. Palmer, was united in marriage to William E. Rasmussen, Montcalm County’s sheriff,” stated the article from the week of June 30.


MAKING THE GRADE: Important changes and studies deserve our attention

Although summer is finally in full swing, there are developments in education that deserve our attention.
I want to call your attention to two of them.


OUR VIEW: What is going on in Edmore?

What were they thinking? That’s the thought on everyone’s minds after four Edmore Village Council members voted to not renew Village Manager Neil Rankin’s contract.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Helping children keep up with their learning during the summer

Another school year has ended. For too long we have associated the summer break with the old saying, “No more pencils, no more books …” But recently we have acknowledged that this so called carefree time can be a detriment to children’s learning particularly if they are struggling in school.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: What is Prop 1?

I am assuming that sometime recently many of you have received a mailing about Prop 1. This proposal will be on the ballot in the Aug. 5 Primary Election.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Challenges and progress in creating education for the 21st century

I was intrigued by a column in the June 14 Daily News by Sandy Main. She discussed what was required in the late 1800s to become a teacher. All anyone interested in teaching had to do was to score high enough on a teachers’ examination.


OUR VIEW: Kennel owners have valid ordinance concerns

Montcalm County officials updated the county’s kennel ordinance last year with the goal of enacting stricter, more specific requirements to make kennel inspections easier for Animal Control officers. The updates went into effect this year for new kennel owners and will go into effect next year for current kennel owners.


OUR VIEW: More taxes on gas is no solution for road repair

A week ago today, Michigan’s Legislature adjourned without voting on a solution for funding road repair. This is disappointing, to say the least, especially when you consider that Michigan spends less per driver on roads than any other state, but has some of the highest taxes at the pump as state constitution dictates most of the sales tax on motor fuel goes to schools and local governments.


OUR VIEW: Belding recall effort going nowhere fast

We have tried but fail to see how anything good can come out of an ongoing recall effort in the city of Belding. Belding resident Dennis Cooper is attempting to get recall language approved against Councilman Joe Feuerstein.

Guest View | Alison Barberi

GUEST VIEW: 100 years of giving and growing together

One hundred years ago, in 1914, the community foundation concept was born in the Midwest, giving rise to a new philanthropy, a new way of participating in community, and a new vision for the future.