Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Federal civil rights laws prohibit discrimination in education

All school districts recently received a memo from the U.S. Department of Education. The following quote includes most of the content of that memo.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: The way schools used to be?

This past week, I had the opportunity to hear Jamie Vollmer speak. He is the author of “Schools Cannot Do It Alone.” Readers may remember him better for “The Blueberry Story” that appeared in this column about a year ago.


OUR VIEW: Area benefits from altruistic voters

A philanthropic culture of voting Tuesday saw the approval of all four proposals on the ballot.


OUR VIEW: Votes ‘yes’ for 911 surcharge

Three years ago, Montcalm County voters approved increasing a 911 surcharge fee from $1.89 per line to up to $2.85 per line per month to fund emergency calls.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: Summer is coming, how will we use it?

It hardly seems possible that it is May already and another school year is winding down. Although parents and the community have been very understanding and supportive of the added days needed before school recesses due to the many snow days, you do hear an occasional lament about summer starting so late.


OUR VIEW: Vote ‘yes’ to seniors’ agency millage renewal

On Tuesday, voters will be asked to continue funding a service for some of our most worthy citizens. The Montcalm County Commission on Aging serves our local senior citizens, many of whom live below the poverty level.


OUR VIEW: Michigan needs roads scholars

Welcome to Michigan! You’ve undoubtedly seen the message on the signs welcoming highway travelers entering our state’s borders.


OUR VIEW: Vote ‘yes’ to MAISD special ed millage

The Montcalm Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) staff has been working magic for a long time. Especially when you consider what they have been able to do on an ever-dwindling budget with increasing costs for infants through adults aged 26 who have special needs.

But they simply can’t maintain the pace.


OUR VIEW: Vote ‘yes’ for CC-C bond proposal

Residents of the Carson City-Crystal Area Schools district will be asked on May 6 to decide whether to approve a bond extension in support of school upgrades, technology and security.

The ballot proposal calls for extending the school district’s current debt millage of 4.2 mills for 15 years and nine months to generate almost $11 million. There will be no increase to the school district’s current debt millage.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: All children can learn

This column was inspired by a well written letter to The Daily News Public Forum last week.