John Moy

GUEST VIEW: The history behind White Cane Week

If you find yourself at True Value Hardware, Kmart or Walmart on Thursday, Friday or Saturday this week, most likely you will find a Greenville Lions Club member at the entrance holding a white cane with a red band and a clear container with a few dollars and some loose change.

You’ve seen these men and women every April, with their bright yellow vests and big smiles, and you may have dropped some change into their container. You have probably also thought, “Who are these men and women and what are they doing?”

Victoria Simon

GUEST VIEW: A scoop of gratitude for Threshold Academy board

As an expression of my gratitude, I brought ice cream to the Threshold Academy Board of Directors.

Guest View | Rick Outman

GUEST VIEW: Boosting environment, energy independence

For several decades, fuel prices in the United States have fluctuated. The Arab oil embargo of the 1970s demonstrated that we have become far too dependent on oil from other nations, and often those other nations are not our friends. Today we have many different sources of foreign oil, but the market is still affected by our nation’s relations with some of those countries.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: The power of our participation in elections

The column this week is taking a little different twist. However, I believe it is consistent with the mission I have tried to stay with in the year that I have been writing it.

Guest View | Timothy Scott

GUEST VIEW: Support continuance of current 911 surcharge

Four years ago, the residents of Montcalm County generously supported an increase in the telephone surcharge, from $1.89 to $2.85, to support the continued operation of the Montcalm County Central Dispatch. The Montcalm County Central Dispatch Authority Board, after analyzing the anticipated needs of the Central Dispatch operation, requested only a partial collection of the approved total, basically reducing the surcharge from $2.85 to $2.49.


OUR VIEW: Has Belding learned from its own history?

The city of Belding is earning quite a reputation for hiring and then losing city managers.


OUR VIEW: Tough news about Threshold

Last week it was announced that Threshold Academy, a free public charter school in Ionia County, most likely will have to close its doors on June 30.

Making the Grade | Janet Ralph

MAKING THE GRADE: A more productive vision of education

Readers of this column will not be surprised to hear me say that I am not a fan of standardized testing. Of course, I believe we need to assess the work of students and of course, I believe we must hold teachers accountable for their work. But I have long believed that the obsession with testing for the purpose of punishing teachers is off the mark. And I have found someone who agrees and says it much more eloquently than I.


SHORT TAKES: Water working well for area towns

What a time for water! We all appreciate the fact that a long winter’s snow and ice is turning to something that is undeniably life-sustaining. But here comes the hangover — the stuff that has been stored since maybe last November is melting and becoming part of your life in April and beyond.

Guest View | David Fedpausch

GUEST VIEW: Citizens urged to prepare for flooding

As Michigan’s record-breaking winter comes to a close and the snow begins to melt away, Montcalm County Emergency Management is encouraging citizens to prepare for flood emergencies before they occur.