Chuck Bennett sites in his rifles at the DNR Flat River SGA Shooting Area in anticipation of opening day of firearm deer season. (Daily News | Brad Klosner)

Deer hunters anxiously awaiting opening day of firearm deer season

Thursday, as the cold, creeping northern winds blew flurries of snow across frozen ground, most people looked out their windows with a shudder in anticipation of another Michigan winter.
Most people, but not deer hunters.


ED GILBERT: A few less hunters

Of course I have no idea how many deer hunters will be around your hunting grounds come November 15, but I’m pretty certain that we will have less hunters in our area. There are several reasons for this.


ED GILBERT: The chase is still the thing

As many of us hunters who have tromped the woods for years now feel, it isn’t so much the success of finding and killing game but just being out there and enjoying the chase that is really the thing. Yes, I’m getting up there in years and it is the case with me.


ED GILBERT: A tree stand ‘to the next level’

I simply grit my teeth whenever I hear a professional athlete use the term “We’re taking it to the next level,” or when I hear one remark ten or fifteen times during a conversation “You know.” Don’t any of them learn the proper use of words within a conversation? All right, so that’s one of my pet peeves, and I’m sure everyone has one or even a few of them.


ED GILBERT: Pheasants Forever holds successful banquet

I’ve been attending Pheasants Forever’s annual banquets for more than 20 years, and this year’s was, as usual, a great success. The event was held last Saturday at the Holland Lake Golf Course facility, and once again was fun and profitable for the Montcalm County chapter. Fact is, the chapter has had an excellent record since its inception 28 years ago.


WOODS and WATER: Processors and hunters help stock food pantry freezers

According to a 2013 report released by Kids Count in Michigan, Montcalm County ranks 57 out of 83 counties of children living at or below the poverty level who are eligible for food assistance. With such staggering indicators of families struggling to put food on the table, there are 18 food pantries in the county.


ED GILBERT: Many hunting seasons coming, or here

You’ll need to consult the DNR hunting guides for many details, but I think I’ll attempt to give you a little heads-up on a few of the hunting seasons of interest.


ED GILBERT: A near disaster while fishing

My wife’s church sewing circle was holding its annual “Crazy Hat” day at a friend’s cottage up by Newaygo. I thought I’d take her and several of her friends up there, but it wasn’t really a place for a guy, so I decided to put on some business clothes and call on a few customers while the ladies were having their party. Well now, we got there and I dispatched the girls at their party. Then I took off and called on a couple of my usual customers.


ED GILBERT: A western trip for a book

Yes, I took a trip out west for a book. But not to get one but to write one. I think telling a little about it will help to clarify my column. OK? To begin with, my son Steve and I have taken several trips out west, and to Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada and a few other states as well. But our most recent trip spawned the idea for a western story, and after coming home I wrote the book “Montezuma’s Treasure Canyon.”


ED GILBERT: Time to scout turkey and deer

Yes, we have a little time before we can hunt either turkey or deer, but it’s actually an excellent time to do some scouting. In either case, the best time to scout is early in the morning or during the evening hours.