ED GILBERT: Pulling up a Coke machine

My friend Gary and I were fishing on a lake over by Ludington, and we’d been having some success by landing a few northern pike, when suddenly something grabbed my line and took off like there was no tomorrow! The ice was glassy and see-through in some areas, and Gary shouted as he looked down near one of his tip-ups, “Wow! I believe you’ve got a submarine on! This fish is about five feet long and easily a hundred pounds!”


ED GILBERT: A good thing, be prepared

Sure, it’s an old Boy Scout motto, but it is as good today as it ever was. Those who go into the woods to hunt or hike, or those who venture onto the ice to fish, should be prepared.


ED GILBERT: Big cats, wild and dangerous

Yes, you can still hunt rabbits and squirrels, if you don’t mind the cold weather and snow, but there isn’t much more hunting one can do. But, if I can mention it, don’t go after some of those predators that are also out there hunting those critters.


ED GILBERT: Smoke ‘em if you catch ‘em

Many folks don’t even like to eat fish and one of those folks happened to be my wife Ethel. And that isn’t just a particular species, but any fish. You see, she was raised on the Atlantic Coast, where fish were a staple in almost all families. So seafood was the order of the day.


ED GILBERT: The ‘game’ is in my way

Maybe one can’t really concentrate on hunting or fishing this time of year, since we’ve had some weather that has been less than agreeable. However, I have a problem with either sport about this time of year.


ED GILBERT: Hunting can still be good

Yes, the new year is here and many hunts have closed. However, for those real hardy folks who don’t mind a little snow and cold wind, there can still be some action. I, of course, refer to chasing bunnies and squirrels.


ED GILBERT: Fewer deer, hunter and remarks

In a past column, I discussed the lack of deer within my hunting area. Then, in a more recent column, I said that some hunters were informing me that they were seeing quite a few deer in an area not too far from my territory. Well, while I’m uncertain about their more recent remarks, I guess the Department of Natural Resources is agreeing with my earlier thoughts.


ED GILBERT: Christmas for wildlife

Around this time of year I almost always write short stories about St. Whitetail and other creatures in the woods and waters, and those stories are usually geared for youngsters. Why? Because it’s Christmas time and I believe that kids are what it’s all about, beyond the religious aspects, that is.

Chuck Bennett sites in his rifles at the DNR Flat River SGA Shooting Area in anticipation of opening day of firearm deer season. (Daily News | Brad Klosner)

Deer hunters anxiously awaiting opening day of firearm deer season

Thursday, as the cold, creeping northern winds blew flurries of snow across frozen ground, most people looked out their windows with a shudder in anticipation of another Michigan winter.
Most people, but not deer hunters.


ED GILBERT: A few less hunters

Of course I have no idea how many deer hunters will be around your hunting grounds come November 15, but I’m pretty certain that we will have less hunters in our area. There are several reasons for this.