Summer Photo Contest

About the Contest

The Daily News Summer Photo Contest, which will focus on a different subject each month, will kick off June 1 and run through August 31st. This is a chance for area photographers of all abilities to submit up to three photos on certain topics each month. After the photo is submitted and approved, online viewers will be able to vote on their top choices for best photos. While photo submissions on a given topic will end at the end of every month, voting for the best pictures will continue throughout the entire contest.

How to Enter

Simply visit the photo page and use the easy uploader. Links to the photo pages can be found below. Be sure to include your name in the description so we can give you proper credit.


Submit in any of the following categories:

June: (submissions closed. Voting till Aug 31) Structures
Examples: Barns, Bridges, Buildings, Signs, mechanical objects

Vote for June’s photos here!

July: Nature
Examples: Scenery, Landscape, Flowers, Sunrise/sunset, Beaches, Water, Animals

Vote for July’s photos here!

August: People

Submit photos for August’s contest here!

**The Topics are broad and should not be limited to the examples given.

**Topics will be announced on the first of the month.


Online voting for individual photos will begin as soon as the photo is approved. Voting for each picture, no matter the month, will continue through the end of the summer photo contest . To vote, click on a star rating under the photo. You will only be able to vote for each photo once, but you can vote for as many photos as you would like.

The top voted photos from each category will be printed and displayed at The Daily News office at 109 N. Lafayette in Greenville from September 3-13. During this time, people can vote on the best photos of the summer. Winners will be selected for each category and overall. This phase of voting will take place 9 am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. Votes may only be cast on site.


All finalists will receive a printed copy of their photo from the final voting period. Photos may be published in a special section in The Daily News.