A real all-star game

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On Tuesday, Miguel Cabrera, Prince Fielder and Justin Verlander will represent the Detroit Tigers in the Major League All-star game in Kansas City, Mo.

All are multiple time all-stars and well deserving. Fielder was voted to start by the fans, while Cabrera and Verlander were added by the players and coaching staffs. Verlander could possibly start the game for the first time.

Of all the all-star games among the four major sports this is the best game. The MLB all-star game actually resembles a regular game with players giving their all to win the game.

Typically,  the NBA, NHL and NFL all-star games feature very little defense. Basically, it’s just an offensive display of talent. The NFL nearly canceled it’s all-star game because a of a lack of competition. All three games are very boring to watch.

Personally, I love watching the MLB all-star game with the top pitchers facing the top hitters inning after inning between the two leagues. Interleague play allows us to see some of these rare match ups, but not for an entire game.

The only thing I don’t like about the all-star game is the fact it decides home field advantage for the winning league in the World Series.

Since a 7-7 tie in 2002, the MLB all-star game has decided which league will host the World Series, not the overall best record like most leagues.

Commissioner Bud Selig change the meaning of the game as a way to stop ties from happening. What he needed to do was reiterate that not ever player selected for the game will play. The 2002 game ended after 11 innings because teams were out of players on the bench.

I don’t think adding home field advantage to the winner of this game has increased the level of play. This game has always been about the competition. There isn’t a half speed when fastball’s are reaching triple digits and line drives come back just as quick.

I’ll always remember John Kruk taking a fastball behind his back from Randy Johnson. The left-handed hitter switched mid at-bat to the right side and turned his helmet around.

Some of you remember Pete Rose barreling into Ray Fosse and separating his shoulder in 1970.

When you have fans selecting starting lineups (and they should), all-star game managers filling out the roster (usually with his own players) and a final 34th roster spot being voted on once again, home field advantage shouldn’t rely on who is playing.

Fans obviously don’t always select the best at each position, but their favorite player. That is corrected to an extent with the players and managers voting for reserves and pitchers.

Also, every team has to have at least one player selected. Even if not deserving.

Basically, 95 percent of the players in the game won’t even be on the team in the World Series. That doesn’t make a lot of sense.

The MLB all-star game should just be a regular game with the best battling the best. Home field advantage should be decided by the marathon 162 game regular season.

Regardless, the game is a personal favorite and come Tuesday night I will be tuned in.

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Inge: A Tiger no longer

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I’ve been a supporter of Brandon Inge for a long time. But the time has come to say goodbye. Inge has not been able to contribute to the Detroit Tigers for some time. Defensively he has been adequate, not his typical great, and offensively a Little League coach would struggle to put him at the bottom of a 14-man lineup.

Potential for 2012 Tigers is tremendous

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Needless to say I’m a little excited for the Detroit Tigers season to begin. If my choice of apparel the past month, my Facebook posts or my constant rambling of baseball talk at the office isn’t a good indicator, you’ve probably just been ignoring me.

Tough choices

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Three times a year The Daily News releases its all-area selections for the fall, winter and spring sports seasons. Let’s just say its not my most favorite thing to do. Reason being, it is so hard to pick sometimes.

St. Johns will win another state title

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Greenville High School has a really good wrestling team and wrestling program.
That is evident as the team is making its third straight — fourth in five years — appearance at the Division 2 team state finals in Battle Creek. It is evident when 11 individual wrestlers place at districts and another six make it beyond regionals to the state finals.

17-0 times two

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The Greenville Yellow Jackets boys basketball team are just three wins away from a perfect regular season. Now 17-0, finishing the year perfect would be an incredible accomplishment.
Amazingly, this is not the first 17-0 Greenville team I’ve witnessed. The 2000-2001 Yellow Jackets also began the year 17-0.