Hating Tim Tebow

It seems like everyone loves to hate Tim Tebow. That is, everyone outside of Jacksonville, Gainesville and Denver.

I don’t hate Tim Tebow and I can’t understand why so many do. The more I hear people talk about Tebow the more I find myself rooting for him.

Disclosure: I’ve been a Denver Broncos fan since I was a little kid. John Elway is one of my favorite athletes of all time. His poster covered the back of my bedroom door and there are more than a few childhood photos of me with a Broncos jersey on.

So I guess it would be easy for you to think that is why I like Tebow. True, but that’s not the only reason, although I would love to see a Broncos/Detroit Lions Super Bowl one day.

I like Tim Tebow because he is who he is. He doesn’t hide anything.

I’m not a very religious person, but Tebow is. That is perfectly fine. He feels he is here for a reason and it’s not necessarily to play football. His goal and role on Earth is to help people and if that is through football, than so be it.

Maybe that is why people hate him?

He can’t even kneel on the sideline and pray without it becoming instant fodder. Right now the 24/7 sports news cycle is Tim Tebow and occasionally the rest of the Broncos. It’s a team sport and Tebow understands that, even if the national media doesn’t.

All Tebow does is win. He won in high school (state title), he won in college (two national titles and a Heisman Trophy) and he is winning in the NFL (7-1 as a starter this year and 9-3 overall).

He is one of the hardest working players in football and has a will to win. He played half a football game in high school with a broken leg. What’s that say about dedication?

He is not the only reason the Broncos are winning. It’s a team sport and everyone fills in. But with six wins in seven games he has helped put the Broncos into first place in the AFC West.

Maybe being a winner is why people hate him?

We have athletes testing positive for performance enhancing drugs (Milwaukee Brewer Ryan Braun, 2011 NL MVP), college basketball teams getting into brawls, coaches being charged with sexual abuse of minors, professional leagues locking out to decide on who becomes more of a millionaire or billionaire and much, much more.

With Tebow on your team you know you will be getting 100 percent. I bet you won’t see Tebow taunt, stomp on an arm, scream at his coach or holdout for more money. But we love the ones that do.

Maybe that is why people hate him?

Tebow has been picked apart and dissected more than any other player I can recall. They (media) said he wouldn’t succeed. They (media) bash him for every incomplete pass. They (media) focus on anything negative possible.

What does Tebow do? He goes to work. He talks with the media. He gives honest answers. And he does it because he wants to and not because he is forced to. He does it with a smile and sincerity.

With all the, and I will say it, idiots in professional sports, Tim Tebow is far from it.

Maybe all of the above is why Tim Tebow is hated? It is why I am a Tim Tebow fan and always will be.

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