Piling on Detroit, again

I’m heading down to Detroit this weekend for my first Lions game since the infamous 0-16 season of 2008.

We went to the Nov. 9 game against Jacksonville, otherwise known as loss No. 9. Jacksonville beat the Lions 38-14.

The game also featured the debut of Daunte Culpepper. He was 5-for-10 passing for 104 yards. Drew Stanton was 6-for-8 for 94 yards and a touchdown. Funny, everyone thought Culpepper would get a win for the Lions that year.

You know what else is funny? The fact that the Indianapolis Colts (0-12) are well on their to a winless season. But all you hear about is Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck.

In 2008, no one ever let you forget the fact the Lions were winless. That is all they (media) talked about. Why aren’t the Colts getting the same treatment?

Because everyone loves to hate Detroit and 90 percent of them have never been to the city. It’s not just the Lions, but the Tigers, Pistons and even Red Wings.

Twice in the last five years no one gave the Tigers a chance to beat the Yankees in the playoffs. Twice they did. The Tigers, or at least Justin Verlander, received some respect when voted the league’s MVP.

The Pistons haven’t been very good lately. When they were good no one outside of the state wanted them to win. During the 2004 finals on ABC I could have sworn announcer Al Michaels was being paid by the Lakers.

I haven’t had the same amount of respect for Michaels since.

All the Red Wings have done is win multiple championships the past decade and a half. What do we hear about? Sidney Crosby. Yes, he is probably the best in the league, when healthy. But so are Pavel Datsyuk and Henrik Zetterberg.

And now the Lions. After a 5-0 start they are now 7-5. That’s not the biggest problem because they have lost to some good teams.

The problem is the penalties and extra on field activities (you know what I’m talking about). Because of this the media feels as if they should follow Ndamukong Suh around like he’s Paris Hilton.

The Lions are not the only team with a penalty problem, but you wouldn’t know it. The Lions have an up and coming team now and all we hear is the bad. They are young and I think things will change.

I will be in the endzone come Sunday. I will be wearing my Suh jersey and I bet everyone in that stadium will be going crazy for their Lions.

Sunday is a must win. It’s almost like a playoff game. I was 3-0 during Tigers playoff games this year (4-0 all time) so I’m putting my playoff record on the line even though it’s not really a playoff game.

It’s time for the Lions to man up and play like they are capable. Then maybe the media will stop piling on. They are waiting for the Lions to make a mistake and then pounce on it. Don’t give them the chance.

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