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Sheridan family loses dog for 3 weeks, catches him with help from community

Not everyone could survive for three weeks alone in the wilderness. Yet, that is exactly what 4-year-old Charlie did through the waning days of October and the waxing days of November. Although young, Charlie has a slight advantage to his human counterparts which allowed him to survive in the wild. Charlie is a dog. A sheltie to be exact but that certainly did not stop his “parents” from worrying about him while he was gone.

Brooke Stoutjesdyk, 18, of Greenville, is the first of Montcalm Community College’s Early College enrollees to graduate with a college degree from the program since it was created in the 2013-2014 school year. — Daily News/Ryan Schlehuber

MCC’s Early College to graduate first student

Brooke Stoutjesdyk is in a class of her own — quite literally. She may have not gotten to walk with her class during Greenville High School’s graduation this past spring, but come Dec. 11, Brooke Stoutjesdyk will be graduated from high school and will have earned an associate’s degree from college.

Alan Morse

UPDATE: Morse pleads guilty to murdering Sidney Township man

A Sidney Township man pleaded guilty this morning to murdering an elderly man during a series of home invasions on Nevins Lake last spring.

Alan Morse, 48, was charged with the murder of Alan “Dale” Nelson, a charge with a possible penalty of life in prison, along with seven related felony charges.


Central Montcalm schools upgrades its vehicles

The Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education upgraded the district’s fleet of vehicles Monday as it approved the purchase of three used buses and four-wheel drive truck. The vehicles will replace aging ones and were a budgeted purchase for the 2015-2016 school year.

Rep. Rick Outman, R-Six Lakes, left, and Sen. Judy Emmons, R-Sheridan, speak together at a Carson City-Crystal Area Schools Board of Education meeting on Nov. 9. Both legislators voted in support of the new road funding legislation signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder on Nov. 10. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Outman, Emmons defend new road funding legislation

With a final signing by the pen of Gov. Rick Snyder, an official long-term road funding plan became law Nov. 10 after years of consternation and debate among lawmakers in Lansing. Eventually the plan will implement $1.2 billion per year to repair the state’s roads and bridges, as well as place a focus on sustaining the quality of those infrastructure items.


JUST IN: Emmons describes new road funding bill as a “balance of many assets”

Sen. Judy Emmons, R-Sheridan, remains a firm believer that a 1 percent sales tax increase would have been the most effective way to secure funding to improve Michigan’s roads.

Montcalm County Jail Administrator Mark Sabin will be retiring Dec. 11 after three decades of working at the jail. He was hired as a corrections officer at the Stanton jail by Sheriff Don Godell in 1985. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Montcalm County Jail admin retiring; jail may contract for Wayne County inmates

Changes are coming to the Montcalm County Jail. On Monday, the Montcalm County Board of Commissioners learned the longtime jail administrator will soon be retiring, along with another corrections officer.


MAISD makes improvements for students with autistic disorder

Since Nov. 2, local middle school students with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) have been enjoying a classroom specified for their needs.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Montcalm Area Intermediate School District (MAISD) Board, Superintendent of Special Education Jodi Willard announced the William J. Seiter Educational Service Center has a classroom now open to students with ASD.


JUST IN: Thieves enter cars in Evergreen and Bushnell Townships

Two separate cars were targeted for theft over the weekend in two separate townships.

On Sunday, the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office responded to two separate complaints of thefts from automobiles in Evergreen and Bushnell townships.


JUST IN: Montcalm County BOC approves Headlee override ballot proposal

Montcalm County voters will likely be deciding more than a presidential primary in the March 8 election.

The Montcalm County Board of Commissioners today voted 8-0 to place a five-year Headlee override millage proposal on the ballot.