Montcalm County Animal Control Director Angela Hollinshead has new hope for many of the cats and dogs at the animal shelter in Stanton after receiving a grant from the Bissell Pet Foundation to assist with the new Adoption Days program. — Daily News/Cory Smith

Montcalm County Animal Shelter awarded $9,950 adoption grant

Animal adoptions will be free for three months in Montcalm County, thanks to a grant. Montcalm County Animal Control Director Angela Hollinshead recently obtained a $9,950 grant from the Bissell Pet Foundation.

The Central Montcalm High School Marching Band’s new uniforms were purchased new at a total cost of $24,000. Of that amount, $12,000 was raised through a series of donations and fundraising activities. — Daily News/Mike Taylor

Central Montcalm High School Marching Band debuts new uniforms

After more than a year of hard work, planning and dedication, Central Montcalm High School’s marching band finally looks as good as it sounds. Sporting new uniforms in public for the first time, the band performed a rousing halftime show at Thursday night’s football game.

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Back to school already? 5 local schools starting 1 week early

Summer always seems to fly by, and this year the season seems even shorter with the majority of local students returning to school one week earlier than usual. School starts on Monday for Greenville, Lakeview, Montabella, Tri County and Vestaburg schools. Those five schools obtained waivers from the Michigan Department of Education in order to start school earlier.

JoAnne Vukin

Step Forward funding program in jeopardy

Funding for a state housing program may be coming to an end, and Montcalm County’s treasurer wants homeowners to be aware of the situation.

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Canine Ronin fights crime alongside Montcalm County sheriff’s deputy

The newest employee of the Montcalm County Sheriff’s Office enjoys tracking down criminals, sniffing out drug busts and chewing on toys. He really, really likes chewing on toys.

Ronin, age 2, is a Dutch shepherd dog. He’s also Deputy Justin Schafer’s new partner in fighting crime.

Montcalm County Undersheriff Mike Williams

‘Out of control’? Montcalm County undersheriff corrects crime rumors

During public comment at July’s Montcalm County Board of Commissioners meeting, a citizen sounded off about a rash of thievery incidents and how local crime is out of control.

Bill Hardin of Montcalm Township said he painted the windows blue on his truck after his vehicle was broken into four times.

Sunflower Bakery owner Virginia Hinton said she was attracted to Stanton because of the city’s healthy business environment. (Daily News | Mike Taylor)

BUSINESS BEAT: Stanton’s downtown steadily improves to attract business

If you haven’t been to Stanton in a while, you haven’t been to Stanton. In recent months, the city’s downtown has undergone something of a renaissance. Not only have new businesses come into town, they’ve thrived.

Central Montcalm Public School Superintendent Amy Meinhardt.

Central Montcalm superintendent is ‘highly effective’

Just as teachers give report cards to students, a school board also gives marks to its superintendent.

On Monday, the Central Montcalm Public School Board of Education graded Superintendent Amy Meinhardt in her first partial school year on the job. Meinhardt received the highest score possible under state law — “highly effective” — which is defined as “meaningfully and consistently contributes to the growth of a professional learning community.”


Central Montcalm school board talks guns and student safety

The world is a different place since 1999, when the Columbine High School massacre occurred. School districts now have to focus on reading, writing, arithmetic … and safety.

The Central Montcalm Board of Education had a special meeting Monday to discuss school safety and security, following a study by Safety School Com 608 owner Gary Valentine.


Central Montcalm school board rules on shorts length

Shorts are always popular summer attire, but in school the appropriate length is up for debate.

However on Monday, the Central Montcalm Public Schools Board of Education settled the debate — for that school district, at least.